Types of Fabric

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Easy-care, washable fabrics


A glass of red wine, a cup of coffee, sticky children's hands, ... A nightmare when you have a fabric sofa. But not if you go for stain-resistant fabrics, such as Aquaclean, H2Oh! or Easycare. These fabrics are treated with a special permanent molecular protective layer, which prevents dirt from entering the fibers of your sofa. With a little water and a cloth, you can remove the stains in an instant.

These fabrics are ideal for families with children, but also for the rental market. Are you renting out an apartment or second home? Is your holiday home on Airbnb? Then a maintenance-friendly sofa is a perfect solution.


Fabric categories 


Our fabrics are divided into 8 different price groups, ranging from fabric category A to fabric category H. The first letter of the name of the fabric indicates the category. For example, Aristo fabric belongs to category A.

Fabric category A contains the cheapest fabrics and category H the more expensive fabrics.