Recor has been making seating furniture for more than 70 years. Our craftsmen and women make your sofa or armchair by hand. The materials we use are of top quality and your furniture is extensively tested to guarantee comfort and durability. Sit back and relax with Recor!

A rich tradition

Recor could never have been - and remain - so successful without that one important foundation on which René Corthouts, the founder, has always relied on: craftsmanship.

Design & Prototyping

The development and production of a sofa or an armchair requires craftsmanship. It is not an automated process. Our craftsmen and women work with heart and soul on seating furniture. 

The process starts with a sketch of the design team. The prototypists make a first version based on this. In constant dialogue with the design team, the prototype is modified several times in order to perfect it and make it ready for production. It takes 'fingersptizengefühl' to create the right sofa or armchair.



After completion of the prototype phase, a so-called zero series is produced to determine whether the production is running smoothly and the end result meets the requirements. 

The sofa or armchair is now ready for production. The stitching team cuts and sews fabrics and leather according to the pattern. At the same time, the production team starts with the carcass construction, the mounting of springs and the assembly of the seat and back cushions. 

When that is done, the fabric or leather is placed on the sofa by the specialized upholstery team. After a thorough quality check, the sofa or armchair is ready for you!